• pparrend

    Step 1: create your report using the CSDC latex template

    Step 2: send your report to Pierre Parrend, together with :

    a proposal for two reviewers of the Complex System community a proposal for reports type: it can be either research or technical papers the e-department of relevance the e-laboratory of relevance

    Step 3: the reviews are performed as open peer-review exchange between the reviewers and the author(s) using a shared copy of the reference template for report review.
    Reviewers provide accept, major rework, minor rework or reject recommandations. Reviewers also confirm the status of research or technical reports.
    In case of major or minor rework, the improvements are made by the authors according to the requirements.

    Step 4: acceptation is performed at the unanimity of the reviewers. The report is then affected a unique ARK number and published on the CS-DC Forum.


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