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    Niraj Naik, a breathwork healer, as stated on Yogi Times started his path by studying ancient Pranayama, which literally means "energy management." He goes into Ayurveda, an ancient Indian health system that regards food as medicine and offers a holistic mind-body approach to healing.

    He learned from Ayurveda that sickness is caused by an energy disturbance caused by a mix of environmental variables including nutrition, lifestyle, and emotional baggage. The capacity of your immune system to restore itself is harmed by these energy disruptions. This may eventually lead to autoimmune disorders.

    This changed 's perspective on his autoimmune condition. While his pharmaceutical training focused only on how to cure symptoms, our method addressed the core problem. He knew that in order to help his body recover, he needed to delve deep and adjust his energy. It was at this point that he realized why Pranayama breathing practices are so effective.

    He also looked into scientific studies to see why certain Pranayama practices may impact the physiology for healing and heightened states of awareness. Niraj started experimenting with breathwork and meditation to see if it might help him. After a few months, Niraj Naik's colitis symptoms had greatly decreased, and surgery was no longer an option.

    The doctor who treated him referred to it as a medical mystery, although Niraj was well aware of the situation. He was also aware of what he needed to do next.

    Niraj Naik's Soma Breath is changing people's lives one breath at a time.

    Niraj Naik created the SOMA Breath curriculum and established it as a worldwide school, allowing individuals to take care of their own recovery via breathwork, based on his own experience and study.

    Niraj utilized his creative side to give old breathwork a contemporary touch as a passionate musician who has deejayed at music festivals. He created his own EDM-style music tracks that align brainwaves to peak meditation levels. SOMA Breath soon became renowned as the dynamic and exciting approach to swiftly acquire the advantages of meditation and general wellbeing by mixing this euphoric music with dancing, breathwork, and meditation.

    Today, SOMA Breath, led by breathwork healer Niraj Naik, is a worldwide community of thousands of breathwork practitioners and over 700 breathwork teachers who have all benefitted from breathwork's mental, emotional, and physical healing advantages. Niraj has also created a SOMA Breath Master Certification program, which qualifies teachers all around the globe to teach SOMA Breath, allowing anybody to inspire their local communities to attain wellbeing and make a bigger difference.

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