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    Sections "Table of Contents", "Introduction", "Conclusion", "List of Used Sources" and "Appendices" are not numbered and are written in the center with a capital letter, the best writing services indent of the first line for these sections is not set. Sections may be divided into subsections, paragraphs and subparagraphs.

    Subsections must be numbered within each section, the subsection number consists of the section and subsection numbers, separated by a period. See the figure below for more details on how subsections should be numbered.

    Paragraph numbering should be within a subsection. Paragraph numbers should consist of section, subsection, and paragraph numbers, separated by dots. As a rule, paragraphs have no headings and are presented as normal text. If necessary, paragraphs may be divided into subparagraphs, which should be numbered consecutively within each paragraph.

    The headings of sections and subsections should be written on the red line with a capital letter, without underlining. Word hyphenation in headings is not allowed, if the title consists of two sentences, they are separated by a period. It is recommended to start each section on a new sheet (page).

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